“It Is Just Peter Do”

Peter Do graduated from FIT in 2014, and won the excellent graduate award of LVMH and got the opportunity to work with Celine. After two years on Phoebe’s team, he chose to return home to New York to work for Chinese-American designer Derek Lam. A year and a half later, he quit again to create…

“Strange” Highlights Value

Every time I watch a fashion show, I always think about the question: how are those clothes that are too weird to be weirdly designed? Are these clothes intended to be worn by people? There’s a reason.

An Integral Part of The Fashion—— Photographer

In this day and age, judging people by their appearance has become the norm. People depend on their face and their book. Fashion magazines, as a recognized indicator of beauty, certainly care more about their appearance than ordinary books.

How to Create An Attractive and Unique Moodboard

As the first step of the design, the mood board shows the designer’s planning and thinking process through the combination of different pictures. Moodboard is the most commonly used visual research tool for foreign designers. After the designer has a full understanding of a brand, product, or even a poster theme, he collects relevant visual…

Multiple Layers Build Up the Fashion

At the beginning of the 21st century, designers were thinking about how to create the most unique clothing with the most basic styles. This is where most of the same things come into play to create new designs.

The Greatest Ways to Embody Recycling in Fashion Design

The tide of “plastics” has blown from last year to this year, and the heat is still increasing. When Celine’s PVC bag came out, many people talked about it, and a “plastic bag” actually cost $900! Nowadays, it has become a favorite of many fashion icons, and I am embarrassed to say that I am…