“It Is Just Peter Do”

Peter Do graduated from FIT in 2014, and won the excellent graduate award of LVMH and got the opportunity to work with Celine. After two years on Phoebe’s team, he chose to return home to New York to work for Chinese-American designer Derek Lam. A year and a half later, he quit again to create his eponymous brand, Peter Do.

Since the end of Phoebe’s tenure in Celine, Peter Do, as a student of Phoebe, has attracted much attention. Many people said that they saw the shadow of Old Celine in his design.

He told Vogue Australia that Phoebe’s most significant influence on him was the synergy in his approach to design, but that he wasn’t going to be a substitute for her and was trying to carve out his path.


In addition to the continuation of “advanced minimalism” by Old Celine, this new sharp designer brand is more about the distinct attitude and values of Peter Do.

For example, the colorful, high-gloss clothing in the 2019F/W collection, unlike Phoebe’s low saturation preference, was inspired by a new coat of paint on a luxury car. So his designs are impressive and memorable while still being worn, further reinforcing the dialogue between form and function.

There are also a lot of creases in the 2020S/S and F/W series, which not only reflect the advanced texture. Full of architectural aesthetics of the three-dimensional outline, let the clothes more a smart vitality. In contrast to the atmospheric and straightforward style of Phoebe in Celine, Peter Do has a more avant-garde sense with simple and agile line clipping. And his trademark deconstruction and the intelligent combination of splicing, for the brand into an intense, bold personal color. The chemical reaction between the collision of different colors and materials makes the hierarchy and structure more distinct.

Square and stiff shoulders and waist design, and back, waist, even the hollow out of the hip, bare. The female image that showed firm and gentle and economy, reveals the sex appeal of a kind of ascetic. A lot of transparent design is to put sexy outside directly, the woman that chooses to wear them, it is to oneself body active, self-confident bare, not be passive peep.

Combined with all these elements, the “Peter Do Girl” with no fear of body and age is a genuinely independent and determined modern woman.

In addition to good design, marketing methods with personal characteristics are also essential for the success of an independent designer brand. One of the most valuable things about Peter Do is that in this online society where everyone wants to be famous, he doesn’t like his face to be remembered and wants people to pay attention to the design of the brand itself. But it just creates a unique sense of mystery and arouses consumers’ curiosity.

The hope is as the designer himself expects:

In the future, Peter Do will not be a derivative of Phoebe Philo, nor will It be Old Celine, It’s just Peter Do.

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