The Greatest Ways to Embody Recycling in Fashion Design

The tide of “plastics” has blown from last year to this year, and the heat is still increasing. When Celine’s PVC bag came out, many people talked about it, and a “plastic bag” actually cost $900! Nowadays, it has become a favorite of many fashion icons, and I am embarrassed to say that I am a fashion blogger without buying one.

Following the popularity of “plastic bags” in fashion circles, earrings and necklaces made of “plastic” also appeared in the spring and summer fashion week shows of notable brands. Transparent material jewelry shines in the sun, bringing a touch of lightness to cumbersome clothing.

Whether it’s a plastic necklace or earrings, it’s perfectly compatible with different styles and different colors of clothes. It can be said that the next wild weapon is it!

1. San Kim 2019

As a design student from Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art, he presented his first collection at the men’s fashion show at London fashion week. San Kim continues the trend of inflatable fashion with plastic and takes inspiration from contemporary American artist Paul McCarthy’s sculptures to create his silhouette. From the vast inflatable sleeves to the brightly colored basic shirts and even the inflatable collars that serve as an embellishment, San Kim’s style is emphatically expressed.

2. Gareth Pugh Fall 2014

Designers have made a splash in the fashion world with their bizarre, fantasy, symbolic language, and futuristic dark gothic style. Even though his label and the ready-to-wear items he covers are not practical, he has a strong following of the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga. He used construction film wrapped in large plastic for the collection, creating a new sense of scribbling and “unfinished.”

3. Masion Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela 1998

Martin Margiela reinterpreted Maison Martin Margiela in a contemporary way by using plastic bags as fabrics in his 1998 collection.

Maison Margiela 2020 Fall

“Give something new life… The idea of opening a new consciousness.” These were some of the glowing words Galliano spoke after his fall show ended with a play he began releasing. His work shows the source of “recycling” and other details. In an era when the world has changed, limited-edition clothing and accessories made from materials such as waste and plastic have been revalued.

4. Moschino 2017

The designer took an in-depth look at recycled materials and put them to good use in his collection, which opened up a new world of collecting. Whether it’s plastic bags or bubble wrap, the silhouette is printed in a healthy personal style and tailored to fit the silhouette. He made the discarded items reappear for an even higher price. Scott’s view of autumn is as much about recycling as it is about life. Also even says on the front: couture is an attitude. Back: this is not a price point.

5. Suzanne Jongmans

Dutch artist Suzanne Jongmans applies a “plastic” of human clothing and carry forward, she will be recycled plastic foam, plastic and plastic is difficult to natural degradation of waste packaging, production to lily to “high” vintage pieces, was originally a “dirty and damage of the waste, but now he has become a part of the holy beauty.

Fashion is never conformist; how to use the traits of fabrics to break the rules is the primary concern of every qualified designer. As the environmental protection problem is increasingly severe, designers who are keen on the environmental protection cause, began to resist the impulse to create, have launched the action to develop, reduce the destruction of plastic packaging to the earth, and strive to turn waste into treasure!

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