How Botter FW20 Express the Impact between Fashion and Plastic

BOTTER is a young and promising fashion brand from Antwerp. Often referred to as Europe’s “unlikely fashion capital,” Antwerp is the place many talented designers call home.

The label was created by Rushemy Botter, 31, and Lisi Herrebrugh, 27, graduates of the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp and the fashion academy in Amsterdam. Even if their designs are not as elegant as the garden, they are essential in today’s rapidly changing world because they show serious problems, such as discrimination and immigration, exploring the identity-defining the potential of fashion.

In Botter Fall 2020, we can see the theme of “vibrant poverty” that Rushedmy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh want to express. They use humble materials to create elegant shapes or even a unique focal point. From the use of aluminum foil to materials like plastic wrappers and price tags, the range is filled with relevance. And to some extent, this is moderately whimsical, from another peculiar point of view.

As a steadily rising brand, Botter has successfully developed an aesthetic that combines two different areas. You can find it not only as a high-end fashion brand but also very close to People’s Daily life. The distinctive appeal they create makes the brand unique.

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