Fashion You Can Eat

Want to walk in the front of the trend fashion, must dare! There are too many elements in the fashion circle, and most of them fail to cater to the public’s aesthetic, but it is important to remember that good enough ideas will not be buried! Enough creative design can also bring fun in life and even become a highlight in the crowd!

  1. Fast Food

In a world of fast fashion, brands like Moschino are going the other way and writing fast food into fashion history. When you see a bold yellow M on a bright red background, is it McDonald’s or Moschino that comes to mind first? In a world of fast fashion, brands like Moschino are going the other way and writing fast food into fashion history. Designed by designer Jeremy Scott in McDonald’s signature reds and yellows, the series of awe-inspiring, playful pieces can instantly age ten years less. Especially fast food box bag, as if make a person return to childhood, enjoy the fun of fast food and toy in children set meal.

2. Pasta

Dolce Gabbana


Gourmet inspired jewelry designs are often full of fun. Openjart, a jewellery brand founded by Russian designer Stas Zhitsky, has a series of interesting jewellery products called “Pasta”. The “Pasta” range uses 18-karat gold and 925 sterling silver to make different kinds of Pasta, such as bevel, bow, spiral, small shell and so on. These pastas are very similar and hand crafted, which makes them very special and fun to wear!

3. Meat

As a singer with a unique personal style, Lady Gaga has experienced a lot more fashion changes in her life than anyone can imagine. In this outfit made from raw meat, her wild looks are surprising every time. A British website has voted for the most iconic celebrity outfit of 2010, and Lady Gaga’s outrageous raw meat outfit at this year’s vmas has topped the list.

4. Fruit

What happens if you combine accessories with food? It is not only fashionable, but also a delicious collection. Although the fast pace of city life makes us have no time to pay attention to food health, physical health and other aspects, but after all, the body is the capital of the revolution. More and more millennials, with their unhealthy lifestyles and overworked physical health, are more willing to see healthy, green, natural and colorful foods, and designers are wise to seize on this trend. The natural color sense of fruit and the modelling of 100 changeover suit to be used at dress very much, undertake its simplify, change or color afresh creation, otherwise direct its apply to dress also is very beautiful sweet.

5. Snack

Dolce Gabbana & LOEWE

With boring and monotonous work and pressure from all aspects of society, the current fashion trends are more willing to spend their time on more interesting and better-looking things, including casual snacks and desserts. All good, special thing is their focus, so will this kind of high appearance level of leisure desserts used in the design of clothing is also bound to be modern fashion trendsetter’s attention.

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