Multiple Layers Build Up the Fashion

At the beginning of the 21st century, designers were thinking about how to create the most unique clothing with the most basic styles. This is where most of the same things come into play to create new designs.

1. Viktor & Rolf

The designers arrived unexpectedly with a bizarre mix of baroque, a departure from today’s minimalist art. They use a lot of accessories, and they try their best to bring fashion into a state of luxury. Winter 2002, Viktor & Rolf a black coat and white shirt combination suit, sewn with seven collars, layering like a peacock.

2. Xander Zhou

At London men’s fashion week, designer Xander Zhou created a stir with his spring 2019 collection. The concept of Xander Zhou’s spring/summer 2019 collection is like building a surrealist sci-fi film that shows the possibilities of the future, including pregnant men, doctors, clones, and new species with six arms.

3. A HUG

A HUG is A Spanish brand whose designer graduated from Istituto Marangoni London in 2014. The designer made a change in the basic design to create another personal style effect. The effect of overlapping two suits is unique, and it looks so strange!

5. Milch

This is a brand from Austria, which introduced a women’s collection from classic men’s wear. Changing men’s trousers into women’s loose-fitting dresses, most men’s shirts make a unique dress. It creates a balance between assertiveness and loveliness in women.


Anrealage is one of the few brands in the Tokyo fashion world that has experimented with clothing. The “TIME” series is arguably the pinnacle of Anrealage. Designer Masahiko Morinaga USES the same patterns or shapes to overlap the clothes, creating gradients and dynamics to create moments that appear to flow but are still.

From these five designer brands, we can see that people have been focusing on the same type of innovation for a long time. It can also be seen that in the last decade, such style is still at the forefront, enduring. They all created their designs with their own unique and bold personal styles. Even though they are similar in concept, they all use the same thing, most of the collars, sleeves, and skirts become new clothes.


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