An Integral Part of The Fashion—— Photographer

In this day and age, judging people by their appearance has become the norm. People depend on their face and their book. Fashion magazines, as a recognized indicator of beauty, certainly care more about their appearance than ordinary books.

1. Chenman

As one of the most prolific and high-profile photographers in China, she USES surreal techniques to create dramatic and eye-catching effects.
Chen became famous for her influential works, which earned her the reputation of “Chinese Mario Testino.” Since 2003, when Chen was discovered by her talent scout Dontian Lee, she has created a series of unique works. These new works defy the boundaries of traditional Chinese culture, using luxurious and gorgeous colors, a productive visual impact.
Chen diffuses good fusion between Chinese and western elements, clever use of digital media technology, followed the pace of China’s modernization, captured live site of some of the rapid development of Chinese society and in an instant, presents the beauty and luxury, consumption and culture idea evolved, show China in the rapid economic growth and globalization to re-examine their cultural tradition and heritage.

2. Zhongling

Zhong Ling’s name is not familiar to the mainland public, and there is little information about her on social networks. Those who follow her will find that Zhong’s social media accounts contain only constant updates to her works, but no trace of her personal life. This sense of mystery not only exists in her social state but also in the people, things, and things under her lens.
Some people commented that Zhong Ling’s works have a texture like an oil painting. Indeed, thick ink and dense color are some of her characteristics, which also gives her works a strong recognition. Curiously, despite the intense colors, her work doesn’t feel too overdone, but somewhat otherworldly.
Apart from the professional issues, as an audience member, I can genuinely feel that under her lens, each character is telling their own story. I don’t know exactly what those stories are, but as I gaze into the eyes, fingers, hair, or any other part of the characters, one thing I do know is that I am eager to get to know them.

3. Sarah Moon

She was an official photographer for Chanel’s fine jewelry. The photo above is not because the pixels I uploaded are too low, but because the original image looks like this—blurred, monotonous color, but also full of particles. In short, it’s like waking up and reliving a dream.
So her work is often described as “soulful,” and in the images she captures, you can see the flow of time, those fleeting moments, turning slowly, like a lake.

4. Tim Walker

What Walker seeks in his work is to present the reality of his dreams to the audience. His work does not try to distance itself from the audience, but to find ways to fascinate them, to draw them into his faith in a dreamlike world. As one of Britain’s most famous photographers, Tim Walker has been photographing for Vogue magazine for 15 years. Despite a long career in the fashion world, his unique photographic eye remains one of fashion’s most exciting and unpredictable assets.

It can be seen that every famous photographer has his own strong personal style. They have a unique vision to explore the treasure in fashion. They present each brand with its own characteristics and values.

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